Lubrication Storage Rooms

Turnkey Systems – just connect power or air on arrival!

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Overview of Previous Units:

  • Lubrication Storage Rooms w/ attached Office Space
  • Drum Trolley System for Safe Drum Loading
  • Explosion Proof Equipped Lube Storage Rooms
  • Storage Rooms w/ Dry Chemical Fire Suppression System
  • Lube Storage Room with Color-Coded Tanks
  • Basic Office Units for Job-Sites, Oil Analysis, Containment Storage
  • Bare Bones Units Fully Insulated

RPS has shipped units to all parts of the U.S., regardless of weather conditions, keep your lubricants in safe, insulated, ambient controlled unit.

Advantages of Lubrication Storage Rooms:

  • Saves cost of existing structure modifications
  • Portable Container allows for easy re-location
  • More flexibility to install where you want to, not have to
  • Immediate use on arrival (just connect power)
  • No permitting required - as it is a "movable structure"
  • Solves Environmental concerns - can be designed for full spill contain

Common Room Sizing & Options:

  • 20' X 8' Room or 40' x 8' Room (standard and high-cube containers)
  • Man Doors (keys or code lock) & Roll-Up Garage Style Doors
  • Air Conditioning, Heat, De-Humidifiers
  • Window Options
  • Metal Siding or Vinyl Panel Interior - Fully Insulated
  • LED Lighting or Cage Lights
  • Power Options - Electric, Air, Custom spec.
  • Customer specified exterior paint options
  • Aluminum, Plastic, Steel, Stainless Steel Tanks
  • Storage Cabinet and Safety-Fire Cabinets
  • Oil Safe Containers or DesCase IsoLink Containers
  • Filter Options for multiple Micron Ranges (BETA/Efficiency rated filters)
  • Electric or Pneumatic Pumps for each tank
  • Filter all lube oils into tanks
  • Filter all lube oils leaving the room
  • Re-circulating filtration system on tanks
  • Moisture Control on Tanks (Desiccant Breathers)
  • Drip Pans under tanks and full-unit Spill Control
  • Work Benches for Sampling or Lube Equipment Fills
  • Internet and Phone Hookups
  • Fire Suppression - Water or Dry Chemical
  • Fire Extinguishers and Oily Waste Cans
  • Diamond Plate Flooring and Grated Ramp Entry

Items listed are common / previously installed components.  Units are completely customized, pricing varies on size and selected components. This list is not all inclusive, there are many other options available.