Online Reliability Learning Sessions - Monthly 1 Hour

Online Reliability Learning Sessions 2020. Customers that purchase the sessions have the ability to attend live on the scheduled date/time, as well as have access to the presentation PDF and webinar recording if you cannot attend live.
Each hour of training qualifies towards your CMRP / CMRT Re-Certification Hours requirement.


12 Sessions: 3 Sessions: $125 (total cost) | 6 Sessions: $195 (total cost) | $315 (total cost)
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Payments above are one-time payments. If you are selecting 3 or 6 sessions we will follow up with the email provided to determine your choices.

JAN 2020 – Lubrication for Aging Equipment

  • What is aged equipment
  • Changing the outdated recommended lubes
  • Additive package changes for aged equipment
  • What are we seeing in our lab analysis

FEB 2020 – Mechanical Ultrasound Function and Uses

  • The Many Uses of Mechanical Ultrasound
  • Air/Gas Leaks: paybacks of finding them
  • Electrical Issues: Arcing, Corona, Tracking
  • Mechanical Issues: Bearings, Gearboxes, Motors
  • Lubrication: How much - How often
  • Online Sensors

MAR 2020 - Vibration Analysis: Tools - Information - Benefits

  • How to take the readings
  • How to understand the data
  • How to determine from data: what is failing and how long to react
  • How to trend with tools and online sensors

APR 2020 - 50 Failure Modes of Electric Motors

  • The components of an electric motor
  • The 50 different ways motors can fail
  • Preventive Maintenance for Electric Motors
  • Predictive Maintenance for Electric Motors
  • Proactive Maintenance for Electric Motors
  • Things to Specify on Electric Motor rebuilds

MAY 2020 - Lubrication Filtration and Cleanliness

  • The importance of clean lube oils and greases
  • How to filter lube oils and rate the filters
  • How to keep grease clean before and during application
  • The proper lube oil and proper grease for different applications
  • How to determine re-lube frequency
  • Auto application systems

JUN 2020 - RCM Fundamentals with Doug Plucknette

Presented by RCM Blitz™ founder and facilitator, Doug Plucknette. He is the author of Reliability Centered Maintenance using RCM Blitz™.

  • The basics of RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance)
  • When would I perform an RCM Analysis
  • The techniques to perform an RCM Analysis
  • Tools/Software/Training available for RCM

JUL 2020 - Planning and Scheduling Fundamentals

  • The importance & payback for Planning and Scheduling
  • What Planners should be doing
  • Planners skills and responsibility
  • Scheduling planned work

AUG 2020 - Failure Modes of Common Components

  • V-Belts: Types, Storage, Installation, Tension, Alignment
  • Hammer Mills: Hammers, Screens, Balancing, Rotation, Preventive Maintenance
  • Mechanical Seals
  • Bearings

SEP 2020 - Precision Alignment

  • What needs to be aligned
  • Thermal growth
  • Belt alignment
  • Energy savings
  • Component life extension

OCT 2020 - Preventive Maintenance Fundamentals

  • Different types of preventive maintenance
  • How do we develop frequency of inspections
  • What failure mode are we trying to find during the inspection
  • How do we improve the inspection so it's not just a check off list
  • How to optimize your PM’s

NOV 2020 - Thermography Fundamentals

  • The many uses of Thermography
  • Accuracy of the images (Emissivity)
  • Camera lens ratio
  • Frequency of inspections

DEC 2020 - Developing a Proactive Maintenance Strategy

  • What is Proactive Maintenance
  • 13 Main Proactive areas
  • Selecting the areas that fit your process
  • Benefits of a proactive strategy
Payments above are one-time payments. If you are selecting 3 or 6 sessions we will follow up with the email provided to determine your choices.